The New Stone Industry Trends

14 May The New Stone Industry Trends

choose the best granite worktop for your kitchen

choose the best granite worktop for your kitchen

Marble is out and granite is in! Granite has always been on the market, but now this summer, it is high-on-demand, and very popular with our clientele and with most homeowners. Granite has that elegant, sophisticated appearance that helped it blend in any surroundings. No matter the colour or the design, granite has managed to pull off the stylish and classy look. The best thing about granite this summer is the trends. The trends are just perfect, just right for our summery heat.

The Trends Are?

The trends are all about summer, and summer colours. They are just so pretty, and the shade of these two trends will make nostalgic for summer and all its glory. The first colour is the yellow-ish, beige colour, that has been inspired from the sandy beaches. The shade of yellow and beige are the exact same as the one of sand. The design also a motivation from the sandy beaches, the texture of the design is jutted out flecks. It would be smooth with only minor bumps that are supposed to represent the sandy flecks. Our designers were inspired  by the sandy beaches and decided to dedicate all their designs to this summer.

This brings us to our second and most popular trend of summer 2014: the sea. The Blue-Green Sea is the most demanded shade of colour, from our clients. They just adore the colour and how it reminds them of the sea and the bustling waves. The colour is a mixture of blue, green and white. The blue and green for the waves, and a speckle of white to represent the salty-foam that appears on the top of ways. Our designer and team are very accurate and precise. The pattern for this colour trend, matches it perfectly; they fit together in perfect complement and harmony. The design is waves crashing into one another, rows and rows arbitrarily corresponding together. All inall, it will give you a nice summery feel to it.

Start Imagining!

Thanks to those two amazing colour and design trends, our clients are just flooding in with orders for that nostalgic feeling of summer. If you choose any of those colours, you can have summer every day; all you have to do is look down! Just look at your countertop and you can already imagine the wind in your hair, the salt in the air and the sand between your toes.

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