The Blue-est of All the Blues

05 Jun The Blue-est of All the Blues

Waves crashing, sun shining, and the seagulls are echoing from above. That can only mean one thing, summer is here; it is finally here! The waves are crashing the shore in aggressive and timid waves, at the same time. People all around are wearing colourful outfits and almost everyone is wearing a pair of sunglasses or a hat. The sun is bright and it shines down on you with its radiant rays. The waves are crashing together onto the shore, and it’s a horizon of blue and white. Then you notice, the way the sand and the water mix together, the contrast of the dark yellow to the bright blue waves. It is incredible, and you miss the feeling of the sand on your feet, wind in your hair and salt in the wind.

Blue Pearl Granite Worktop

Blue Pearl

Vizag Blue Granite Worktop

Vizag Blue

You hear a drilling sound, and you get pulled back to reality. You weren’t in a sea shore somewhere, you were at home. You were daydreaming about summer and the ocean because you were staring at your granite worktop surface, again. There was nothing wrong with your countertop, only that it made you want to pack a bag and live by the beach. And it happens every time you stare at the countertop.

Blue is the New Pink! And the New Everything! 

There’s a new colour in the market of granite countertop surfaces and it’s the most in demand. Now that summer is almost here, everyone wants a taste of the summer-y madness. This particular shade and along with its design has captured the very essence of summer and all of its unique moments. The colour is sea blue, with a tint of white. The design is like a mosaic of waves crashing onto the shore, except it’s crashing into more waves. The most prominent thing about this particular colour is that it has a bit of engraving on it, wave-like swirls on it that make it even more unique.

Along with the sea blue, there is also the midnight blue. The midnight blue, however, is not as popular but just as worthy as the sea blue. It is beautifully laminated and the design is speckled with white-ish dots that spread everywhere. The midnight blue design resembles a summer night, with all the stars burning bright and twinkling above the world. The midnight blue may remind you of late-night conversations you had, or adventures that could never happen in the afternoon.

So, if I were you, I’d buy either one of them, so you’ll have summer all year round. All you have to do is look down at your granite countertop surface and there you have it, summer!

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