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With natural stones like granite and marble being the golden choice to almost everyone over the years, thanks to the latest technologies that have managed to produce something as equal in durability and functionality, but still has some edges of its own that cover all the downfalls of natural stones. When you are into the process of buying a new worktop in your kitchen or face lifting your bathroom with some new tiles, you work with a checklist that combines many factors; quality, value, practicality, aesthetics, maintenance, warranty, (the list is quite long), as much as it is hard to find a product that would tick all the aspects, this guide will help you weigh down all pros and cons and give you a road map on everything you need to know about quartz worktops and tiles.

The Investment You Won’t Regret

Quartz is a man-made stone made of 93% natural quartz particles, grounded with resins and polymers. This cooperation between nature and technology yielded in a highly durable solid surface that can hold up to all the wear and tear of kitchens and bathrooms. Having your kitchen countertop in quartz is the ideal choice for all cooking lovers. Reaching the highest durability levels, quartz is chip and heat proof. Quartz is also a perfect choice for floor and wall tiles, you can use it in your bathroom, kitchen, it will sure remain in a perfect condition; it is resistant to high temperature and extremely hygienic due to its non-porous nature.

Best Quality and Generous Prices.

At quartz worktops, we offer our valuable customers high end quartz tops and tiles with great deals and discounts. Our cheap prices and the high-quality of our products are what make us one of the best local suppliers of quartz-based products in the UK. We have become the direct place for purchasing tops and tiles in quartz in the country. Our sales never affect our quality; we are certified from the Customer Protection Association (CPA), a privilege we have earned after hard-work, and our constant attempt to provide our customers with the best products with the cheapest prices possible! We have also gained the TrustMark quality certification due to the positive feedbacks from our satisfied customers.

The Artistic Look

Quartz, on the other hand, has this edge of a beautiful look with an affordable price. Not only this; with natural stones, the choices are quite limited, but with quartz; the sky is the limit!  Available in myriad colors and patterns with more consistency and uniformity, quartz will suit all tastes, from the classic and traditional, to the modern and the daring! Honed matt or sheen glossy, smooth or flecked pattern, traditional colors like black or brown or some exotic colors like fuchsia or wild orange, no matter what your taste might be, you will find something that suits your vision in quartz. With a quartz countertop in your kitchen, you are sure to have a unique and exquisite addition that infuses warmth, elegance and style into the heart of your home. Moreover, quartz tiles will definitely add an airy and luxurious touch in any place!

Consulting with the Experts:

With so much decisions and choices to be made, you could use few tips and tricks to be able to pick what suits you the best! At quartz worktops, we have a wide range of tops and tiles that will leave you dazzled, but we will not leave you there. We have a whole team of specialists who will help you out in everything. If you are confused and cannot make up your mind, if you cannot visualize how the wild orange quartz work surface will complement your kitchen’s décor, or how to match and pair your quartz tiles with your room’s design, then you are definitely in need of a professional advice. You may call us at any time for a free consultation or order some samples, and we will be glad to help you bring your character and style in your home.

Contact us online and have no worries, let us help you give a face lift to your kitchen or bathroom!

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