How to treat a Granite Sink?

18 Sep How to treat a Granite Sink?

blog13Granite is an igneous rock found in the earth crust for centuries. It has been used ever since in numerous applications, specifically in the construction and remodeling industry. Granite proves to be an ideal material in such an industry due to many reasons; its exceptional beauty and the wide variety of colors and designs it is available in, and also its unmatchable solidity and durability which makes it very functional and practical! Granite is used in kitchen countertops, bathrooms vanity tops, floor and backsplash tiles, sinks, bathtubs, washbasins, myriad of applications. In order to ensure that you maintain your granite in good shape, there are some tips and tricks you should be aware of about granite cleaning and maintenance.

Having a sink made out of granite is indeed an icon of beauty and luxury in any home. Granite will give your kitchen or bathroom this edge of sophistication with its stunning colors and veining! However, in such a heavy-used and hazardous atmosphere, granite can be a ticking bomb if neglected and not cared for in the proper way. Water, moisture, spills, foods, germs, mildew, there are limitless hazards endangering your granite’s beauty and functionality, and you need to be equipped with the proper tips and know-how to care well for your granite!

Cleaning Tips

Granite sink as much as it is a beauty, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to properly cleaning and maintaining it. Being constantly subjected to water, liquids, not mention harmful substances like acids or chemicals, a granite sink can be turned into total ruin losing all its beauty if neglected. Therefore, always keep a clean towel beside your sink and constantly keep it in a dry and clean shape. Rinse it off every now and then with warm water to remove any soap or dirt residues and prevent them from compiling. A regular cleaning ritual will be the easy trick in maintaining your granite all sparkly and clean!
Avoid using Chemicals and acidic Substances!

To protect your granite sink against staining, etching, hazing and hard water stains, you need to firstly be careful about the type of detergent you use in cleaning it. Granite does not need but a mild soap and water to be all shiny and clean so do not waste your money on those expensive cleaners that are probably even harmful to your granite sink. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or detergents that contain acids or ammonia. Also, be pretty careful about some of the acidic substances such as lemon juice, vinegar, wine or coffee, do not let these liquids set in the sink and wipe it off right away as it can potentially harm granite causing the sealing coat to wear off and making it susceptible to staining! Also, never use bleach inside your granite sink, as this will instantly cause granite to discolor and stain!

How to treat Water Stains and Rings?

A very serious problem that also may cause your granite sink to discolor and lose its sheen is hard water stains. These are deep water stains that will have your sink looking hazy and dull. It is caused due to the buildup of residues and minerals. This issue, however, can be easily treated with a home-made remedy. A mixture of water and white vinegar to be sprayed on the stains and left to set for about 10 mins, then you will have to scrub off the stains using a scrub brush and you might need a steep wool pad for the more stubborn stains. Afterwards, you will need to rinse it off with water and remove all the residues and dry it off with a soft cloth!

Following these simple and easy cleaning and maintenance tips will guarantee you that your granite sink will not lose its beauty and brightness over the years!
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