How To: Take Care of Your Quartz Worktop

17 Feb How To: Take Care of Your Quartz Worktop

Quartz is the second choice of many home owners. It demand in the market had grown insanely during the past couple of years. It is just as beautiful and useful as any other type of worktop but it also need just a tiny bit of tender, love and care.

It is very simple to keep your quartz worktop up to standards. It doesn’t require much of your time or energy for it to be as perfect as it was when you first got it. Here are some ways to keep it that way.

  • Clean your surface routinely with a soft rag and mild detergent. Make sure this detergent is non-bleach and non-abrasive as they may cause some damage and stains to your worktop.
  • Wipe up any liquid spills as quick as possible as to avoid risk of staining. Quartz counters can take any spill for a short period of time but why risk it?
  • For heavy or dried spills, use a soft surface or glass cleaner paired with a non-scratch sponge. It will come out as easy as it was spilt.
  • For a deep sense of cleaning, use a generous amount of surface/glass cleaner on your worktop and leave for 10 minutes (No more, no less.). After that, wipe away with a dry cloth to insure the surface is clean.
  • Remove/scrape away any hard, stick stains with a plastic knife (So you don’t scratch your surface). Whether it is paint, grease, gum or etc. , scrape it away and it will be as good as new.
  • Remove any marker or ink markings with an oil-based cleaner. It will work wonders as it will take it out in no time at all.
  • Always remember to rinse with warm water and wipe down the surface to keep it strong.
  • Avoid cleaning with highly acidic cleaners, such as nail polish remover, oven cleaner, and/or bleach. Clean straight away with a mild detergent and rinse, if they are spilled.

Quartz worktops are easy to care for and that’s why families prefer to have it in their home because of busy schedules. Just keep in mind these tips and you and your family will enjoy the worktop without any more worrying.

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