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Granite Suppliers in LondonGWL8 is the top granite supplier in London, and the UK. They are certified by the Trust Mark as well as the Consumer Protective Association as confirmation of their devoted work in the worktop industry. Their CPA membership guarantees the deposits and warranties of their customers in the unlikely chance that a mishap might occur.

They are known for their status to be one of the most sophisticated and stand-up granite suppliers in London. They are proud of the reputation they worked so hard to earn. Their firm covers the standard staff that is vital for the installation procedure: professional contractors. Their contractors are good at their job and they are more than eager to reach your expectations. They, also, offer as much help as they can, for they know how stressful the process could be for a homeowner or an office owner. By doing so, they offer specialists who will answer any of their clients’ questions and they will also give their professional opinion on anything that may be speculating for the clientele.

They provide you with high value tops for your kitchens and bathrooms at the inexpensive prices available in the granite industry. They take satisfaction in being the most preferred granite worktop suppliers as they have an exclusive collection and affordable prices. Their prices are not offered by other suppliers as they go, directly, to the source. Discounts and sales are a must, they don’t believe in retail prices. They offer you the best deals and discounts in London and in the best deals you’ll ever come across in the country. Not only are they generous in service, they are also generous in prices. They are one of the cheapest firms for supplying and installing granite. They offer a lot of discounts and sales that you cannot turn your back on.

From the assortment of a colour scheme to deciding the ideal design, their expert team is at your service. This prominent company only hires the finest in the trade as to promise the highest quality and best service for their customers.  They, also, offer another branch service of designing granite for their customers. If the client would like to design their own pattern, we are than happy to allow them to. After the design is drawn, our designs only arrange some tweaks and apply it on the layout of the granite surface, whether it is floor tiles, walls, or countertop surfaces.

GWL8 delivers and installs for areas all across the country of UK. They take pride that their clientele ask for them even from across UK, because of the reputation they withhold. Throw away your worries about extra installation prices because where ever you are, they will be there and help you out.

They bring in their supplies straight from the quarry to your kitchen. They have quarries in Brazil, Argentina and many other places near the Equator. These places are the best to find granite, for the rock is found in the Earth’s crust, thus being found near exposed areas of the crust. They also have their own quarries that supply them with their needed granites. By removing the middle man and going right to the source, their prices are cut dramatically for the enjoyment of their clients. This detail is the explanation behind them being one of top suppliers as well as the most chosen for granite worktops in London.

What do they offer?

Granite is the most preferred choice for kitchen worktops because of its heavy-duty nature and smooth, cool surface. It gives your kitchen an outstanding and earthy appearance as it comes in plenty of diverse colours and patterns. Resistant to stains, water and heat, it makes an ideal choice for home owners’ kitchen requirements. It also has resistance to an amount of bacteria, making it the healthy choice for your family. Finally, a benefit for most homeowners, it amounts to value of your home. By having granite in your house, it gives your home the right atmosphere.

If you are unsure about anything, you can reach them online. They offer direct quotes that come from their contractors or previous clients. You can also get recommendation references from their previous customers whether it is about the service of the staff or the quality of the granite. Ask them for that and they will be happy to give you the details about their satisfied customers.

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