Quality collection of granite countertops in London

If you are looking for any particular Granite Colour that you do not see here, please let us know and we will arrange it for you.

Standard Granite Worktop Colours

Baltic Brown Granite Worktop
Baltic Brown
Absolute Nero
Star Galaxy Granite Worktop
Star Galaxy
Blue Pearl Granite Worktop
Blue Pearl
Emerald Pearl Granite Worktop
Emerald Pearl
Black Perl Granite Worktop
Black Pearl
Star Galaxy Granite Worktop
Nero Impala
Kashmere Gold Granite Worktop
Kashmere Gold
Kashmere White Granite Worktop
Steel Grey Granite Worktop
Steel Grey
Tan Brown Granite Worktop
Tan Brown
Vizag Blue Granite Worktop
Visag Blue

Bespoke Granite Worktop Colours

Giallo Veniziano Granite Worktop
Giallo Veniziano
Gaillo Fiorito Granite Worktop
Giallo Fiorito
Nero Zimbabwe Granite Worktop
Nero Zimbabwe
Giallo Topazio Granite Worktop
Giallo Topazio
Verde Ubatuba Granite Worktop
Verde Ubatuba
Shivakashi Granite Worktop



When it comes to supplying the quality collection in granite countertops in London then we make sure that our customers will receive the best in every regard. In the category of natural stones granite is the choice of millions due to its unmatched elegance, high class durability, extreme temperature tolerance, greater resistance to stains and scratches. Our entire collection in granite countertops in London is designed with fine quality stones including local quarried as well as imported stones. There are millions of colours and shades in granite and that is why it is the most desirable stone for interior and exterior decoration.

Granite countertops in London – offers elegance in style

At Granite Worktops London we have in-house fabrication units that enable us to provide complete bespoke solution to our customers in every regard. Whether it is about peripheral designing, edge profiling or surface finish styles (polished, honed and flamed) our expert craftsmen are here to assist you with the best. People have general perception that it is bit hard to afford the aesthetic beauty of granite stones for perfect interiors. But today it is just a misconception as we make our quality collection of granite countertops in London available to every budget.

How we are different?

Our business philosophy is to serve our customer with quality collection in granite and quartz worktops in London. We believe in ethical business practise only and supply quality granite within budget to our clientele. Whether you are looking for Kitchen Island or work top for your galley way kitchen interiors we guarantee you 100% admiration in our granite kitchen countertop collections.

Contact us and ask for no obligation price quotation today. We make sure that you will receive best deals in granite countertops in London.