Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is granite?

Granite is a natural stone that belongs to the category of intrusive igneous rock. It is known for exhibiting high class durability, thermal stability and is available in innumerable colour options.

2. What other options are available in natural stones?

Marble, limestone, granite and sandstone are some of the magnificent range in natural stones that are used for interior and exterior decoration.

3. How quartz is different from granite stone?

Quartz is an engineered stone that is artificially manufactured in warehouses with natural quartz crystals, colour resins and synthetic polymers. On the other hand granite is a natural stone.

4. What are the popular colours in granite stone for kitchen worktops?

Emerald pearl, star galaxy, black pearl and numerous other exquisite ranges in granite worktops are available at Granite Worktops London that are frequently purchased by our clientele in the UK.

5. When is the right time to apply sealant on granite countertops?

Once a year. It is recommended to apply quality sealant on granite worktops that will keep its structure intact and resistant to stains.

6. What is a prefabricated granite countertop?

Prefabricated granite countertops come with ready to install provision with all sink and faucet cut outs. These are also known as modular granite tops.