18 Sep How to treat a Granite Sink?

Granite is an igneous rock found in the earth crust for centuries. It has been used ever since in numerous applications, specifically in the construction and remodeling industry. Granite proves to be an ideal material in such an industry due to many reasons; its exceptional...

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03 Jul All About The ‘Gold’ Stone

Are there any disadvantages to granite? As mentioned earlier, granite is one of the most practical stones you could use for your worktops. Whether you are considering of changing your kitchen countertop or any other purpose, granite is without comparison the best choice. However, granite has...

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14 May The New Stone Industry Trends

[caption id="attachment_179" align="alignright" width="300"] choose the best granite worktop for your kitchen[/caption] Marble is out and granite is in! Granite has always been on the market, but now this summer, it is high-on-demand, and very popular with our clientele and with most homeowners. Granite has that...

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