All About The ‘Gold’ Stone

03 Jul All About The ‘Gold’ Stone

why-graniteAre there any disadvantages to granite?

As mentioned earlier, granite is one of the most practical stones you could use for your worktops. Whether you are considering of changing your kitchen countertop or any other purpose, granite is without comparison the best choice. However, granite has a downside that all natural rocks share. That is, it has a porous surface, which could allow liquids like oil and water to penetrate. That is only a problem if you get your granite from an untrusted source that do not seal their product the way they should. This is why you should always aim at getting your precious granite from trusted traders and then you can enjoy this dazzling stone for a lifetime!

That’s not it! You can also get your product in a number of different finishes. You can choose your granite to be honed, polished and brushed or flamed. The choice is yours.

What makes granite worktops a must-have?

Granite is one of the stones that have been used for over thousands of years. Granite was used in the Red Pyramid of Egypt and in South India, the Rajaraja Chola temple was made entirely from granite in the 11th century AD. When I look at these examples, two words pop into my mind, durability and little maintenance required. Now it is time that you bring one of natures’ most amazing gifts into your home and appreciate granites outstanding features.

When you are looking for a material for your worktops, you probably want something that is not only elegant, distinctive and unique, but also something that is easy to clean, and requires little effort to keep in good condition. Granite is the stone that provides just this. Once sealed properly, this stone stays just as good as the day you bought it with minimal effort. This is what makes this stone worth every cent invested in it.

Granite Makes Fashion Too!

Granite is also available in a wide range of colors (black, pink, green, blue and many more) for you to choose from what suits your kitchen best. Moreover, this amazing stone is durable, heat resistant, water resistant and scratch proof. Granite countertops are also available at competitive prices and have proven to be a good investment as it is something that you buy once and stays sparkling new for a lifetime!

Check Our Fabulous Granite Collection

Take a look at our wide selection of products available and choose from them what suits you best. Choose the color you like along with the finishing you prefer and we promise to deliver to you your dazzling granite with the high quality finishing standards you deserve. We have exactly what you need.

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