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Exquisite Granite Worktops for Your Kitchen

We are one of the leading suppliers of granite and quartz worktops in London. We can provide you with high quality tops for your kitchen at the cheapest prices available in the natural stone industry. We take pride in being the most favoured granite supplier, to which credit goes to our exclusive collection and affordable prices. Our prices are not offered by other suppliers as we go directly to the source.

Granite is our most popular choice for worktops in the kitchen because of its dazzling appearance and durable nature. Our collection has up to 200 different colours for you to browse through to find the perfect one for you. It is sure to become the centerpiece of your kitchen as it will bring in light and nature’s art into your home.

Our collection is always fully stocked to insure the availability of your choices. In the off chance that your selection are unavailable, we have exclusive sources that are trustworthy on delivering the needed slabs swiftly.

Why is Granite perfect for your kitchen?

Many people ask us the same question; why are granite worktops the best option for kitchen tops? The answer lays in the foundation. This natural stone is known for its strength and durable quality. It defies time and withstands usage as it is the second strongest natural material in existence. It has a tolerance to heat, water and stains, making it ideal for cooking surfaces. Granite surfaces are also resistant to bacterial growth and it contains certain natural minerals that prevent bacteria from growing and thriving. There are plenty of colour options as we have hand-picked quarries and mines from around the world that supply us with a variety to types. If you are remodeling or relocating, you can start from the beginning to choose your worktop as the centerpiece.

Quartz Worktops

You don’t have to restrict stone to your kitchen. We can also supply for bathrooms, outdoor areas and anywhere else you might need it. We have wide collections of quartz countertops and tiles to have in your home to give it a sense of freshness. We have a selection of tiles and flooring for your bathroom and kitchen. It is sure to give your home a splash of uniqueness without having to redecorate for many years to come (maybe even ever!).

Our services are Unique

Granite or Quartz – Our Team of Experts Can Help You Choose

We have a dedicated team of stone experts that can assist you in the selection of granite colours, supply, installation and beyond. If you have any questions, call us on 0207 195 0001 and they’ll help you in any way they can.

Nationwide Installation Service

Our installation service is one of our proud assets as we have gone to great lengths to be able to provide an efficient installation service wherever you are in the UK. Our team of Expert Stonemasons can measure and cut on-site, which means your new granite worktops will be completed to perfection in just one day. We have left no stone unturned. You don’t have to worry about location any more. Our service can reach anywhere from London to Edinburgh, to Manchester, Kent, Essex and beyond.

For a Free No Obligation Quotation Call Us Now

You can get great, quick quote from us by simply filling in the form on the right. You don’t have to wait anymore. You are just a click away to ordering the kitchen worktops of your dreams. Browse our online collection as we continue to expand our selection of colours and patterns to meet your needs perfectly. We also have testimonials of our prior clients if you don’t believe us. Our blog can also help you in understanding granite countertops and how to maintain them (Super easy!).

One phone call can change everything. We will let you know about all our discounts and sales. We want to help you get what you want within your budget. Contact us on 0207 195 0001 and we will do it all for you.